Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Identification of putative effector genes in Phelipanche aegyptiaca by analyzying RNA-Seq data and transient gene silencing            0000-00-00
2    Optimization of CRISPR-Cas genome editing technology in tomato            0000-00-00
3    Marker-assisted introgression of Ty-1/Ty-3 and Ty-2 resistance genes into tomato cultivars    M.Sc.    bavarsad, yeganeh    2015-01-21
4    Fine-mapping of quantitative trait loci for cold tolerance in solanum habrochaites intrograsion lines    M.Sc.    Ebrahimi Anjesheshi, Zahra    2015-01-21
5    Marker-assisted Introgression of Resistance loci to Bacterial wilt (Ralstonia solanacearum) Diseas in Tomato    M.Sc.    Ghamsari, Arghavan    2015-02-08
6    Identification and expression analysis of candidate genes involved in cold tolerance in Solanumhabrochaites    M.Sc.    REZAEE, ELAHE    2015-06-06
7    Optimization of callus induction and plant regeneration in parasitic plant Orobanch aegyptica    M.Sc.    MALEKZADEH, ALI    2015-09-23
8    Investigation of the effect of Gama irradiation for inducing variation in Sinningia speciosa    M.Sc.    sokhtanlo, sakine    2015-10-03
9    Optimization of protoplast transfection in tomato    M.Sc.    teimourpour, afshin    2015-10-12
10    Feasibility of Transient Expression of Anti - Vascular Endothelial Cells Growth Factor Nanobody Fused to Hydrophobin I Protein in Cucurbit (Cucurbita pepo L.) Plants    Ph.D    soleimanizadeh, mojgan    2016-01-28
11    Optimization of conditions for protplast culture and fusion in saffron (Crocus sativus); towards polyploidy induction    M.Sc.    langary sfezar, hossneiy    2016-03-12
12    Development of molecular markers for pyramiding of Rdg1a and mlo genes for resistance to leaf stripe and powdery mildew diseases in barley    M.Sc.    khalili, mahboobe    2016-05-07
13    The study of vigour of Desi chickpea seed lots and its relation with cell cycle during germination.    Ph.D    Akbarpour Bahreh, Maliheh    2016-05-08
14    Analysis of the Transcriptome Changes of Date Palm in Response to Dubas Bug (Ommatissus lybicus) Infestation    Ph.D    mirzaei, mahdieh    2016-05-17
15    Design, Construction and Evaluation of Efficacy of CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing Constructs for Enhancing Tomato Resistance to TYLCV    Ph.D    Ghorbani faal, Parisa    2016-06-19
16    Design, construction, and evaluation of efficacy of CRISPR-Cas9 constructs for editting tomato EPSPS gene    M.Sc.    ebrahimpoor, rakhshandeh    2016-09-17
17    Isolation and Characterization of Novel Cellulolytic Trichoderma reesei Isolates and Manipulation of cbh1 Promoter to Enhance Cellulase Production    Ph.D    dehghan, sara    2017-01-07
18    Transcriptome analysis of the resurrection plant Anastatica hierochuntica by RNA seq in order to identify the genes involved in drought tolerance    Ph.D    Golmohammadi, Hamid Reza    2017-02-04
19    Co -transformation of cry1A.105, cry3Aa, epsps and gox Genes into three Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.) Elite Lines to Enhance Resistance to Lepidoptera and Coleopteran Pests, and Glyphosate Herbicide    Ph.D    Shayesteh, Hajar    2017-02-07
20    Induction of plant defense upon interaction between belowground – aboveground herbivores: tomato, tomato leaf miner, root knot nematode and entomopathogenic nematode    Ph.D    Kamali, Shokoofeh    2017-02-13
21    Extraction of cellulase from Trichoderma isolates    M.Sc.    poorfyz tape, mahdi    2017-03-11
22    Isolation and identification of glucose tolerant β-glucosidases trichoderma strains    M.Sc.    Seyedabadi, Mohsen    2017-03-11
23    Assessment of genetic diversity in pistachio psyllid (Agonoscena pistachio) in different regions of Iran using AFLP markers    M.Sc.    shayestefar, hossein    2017-05-27
24    Construction of Molecular Constructs for Editing Mlo gene in Tomato    M.Sc.    Gholizadegan Ehsan Abad, Atefeh    2017-07-26
25    Isolation and in silico analysis of candidate genes in host- Phelipanche aegyptiaca interaction    M.Sc.    rezaei, mohammadreza    2017-08-19
26    Identification of candidate genes for drought tolerance in a drought-tolerant mutant rice line    Ph.D    fattah, banafsheh    2018-01-08
27    Identification of ATG8 receptors in selective autophagy under abiotic stress in Marchantia polymorpha    Ph.D    Mohseni, Azadeh    2018-02-03
28    Characterization of drought-responsive genes in Anastatica hierochuntica and functional analysis of the candidate genes in Arabidopsis    Ph.D    Dolati, Mohammad    2018-06-23